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Metallic Gaskets

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Kammprofile  Gasket
Kammprofile Gasket is consist of a metal  core, concentrically grooved serrations profile on both sides , and faced with  soft material such as flexible graphite, PTFE, Non-Asbestos materials or some  soft material . According to the different media and temperature, choose the  different metal material and surface soft material. The soft facing material  provides low stress gasket seating, while the serrated metal core enhances  sealing performance by inducing stress concentrations on the sealing surfaces. It  features excellent anti blowout properties associated with the reliability of a  solid meta-to-metal seal combined with soft sealing face to ensure a tighter  joint. It can be used without sealing layers to provide an excellent sealing  but there is a risk of flange surface damage especially at high seating  pressure.
Basic Type Kammprofile Gasket
It manufactured without a guide ring for  tongue and groove, or recessed flange applications such as male and female.

Kammprofile  Gasket with integral Outer Ring
It is constructed with an integral guide  ring for aligning purposes. It is suggested to be used in raised face flanges.
Kammprofile  Gasket with Loose Outer Ring
It utilizes a loose fit guide ring. This  popular design is preferred for nominal pipe size and pressure class raised  face flanges and is used in equipment with excessive radial shear  characteristics, thermal cycling, and expansions.
 It is particularly suitable  for applications where high temperature, pressures and fluctuating conditions  are encountered.
Soft material sealing surface ensure that flanges  are not damaged, even at extreme loads.
This gasket is an ideal replacement for problem  applications associated with jacketed gaskets, for heat exchangers, vessels and  reactors and various flange connections.

Material of construction
Metal core material :Carbon steel, 304(L), 316(L)321,  347, Monel, Inconel, Ti, Copper etc
Metallic MaterialsCode of GermanyHardness/HBTemperatureDensity g/cm3Thickness mm
Carbon Steel1.1003/1.003890~120-60~5007.85    2   
Surface materials: Graphite, PTFE etc.
Metallic Gaskets
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